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You can call or text us direct at anytime. We would be happy to provide you any information you may require. You can also contact us at the office or have us paged at 204-989-7900 and we will get right back to you. 


Purchase Phase 1 Today Or Reserve Phase 2 With A Refundable $5000 & A Letter Of Intent

You can reserve a phase 2 unit with a Letter of Intent. You can choose to hold a suite with an initial refundable deposit of $5,000 for up to 5 WORKING days. TO PROCEED, A SECOND deposit will be required at the time of completing the sales agreement. This SECOND deposit will FORM PART OF the MINIMUM required 5% Down Payment. A PRE APPROVAL LETTER FROM YOUR LENDER MAY BE REQUIRED. The balance will be due on the Possession Date. ALL deposits will be held in trust. 

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